Origin of Man






Topic: The Origin of Man: Creation vrs Evolution

Speaker: Mr Asare Aseidu


Mr.  Asare made the program totally unique n different from most of the doctrinal blocks the fellowship does. He really engaged the audience on both days.  He emphasized on we loving the Lord with our minds n really stirred up the desires of the members to know the Lord in that direction. He did justice to topic at hand and explained the terms:

Creationism is the belief that everything we see is a result of intelligence and design

Evolution is the belief that everything we see is a result of natural selection.


He also pointed out that everyone has a worldview that makes us bias.

We all have the same evidences but interpret them in a bias way Romans 1:19-20

All worldviews must answer certain questions like “who am I? “,  “What am I here for?” etc.


He also pointed out that an Evolutionist must have more faith than the Creationist for Evolution to be true. There’s a pattern in the universe that shows intelligence and design meaning that there should be a designer


If the world is a result of the big bang theory then there’s no need for right or wrong.

The next day was more of a Q&A, which had the members fully involved in the discussion. This has been an unprecedented Q&A discussion ever done in a doctrinal block at the fellowship meeting.


I was at their Central Committee meeting yesterday n the evaluation of the program was superb as to the speaker n how he addressed the topic.  They wish to have more of such programs and Q&A discussions.


We bless God for a successful program.

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